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‚Renovate Europe’ as stress test for integration – inclusive renovation or renoviction? URBACT UEU alumni meeting Iván Tosics TPE 2 March 2021 (52 mins, starts at min 7)

AN INTERESTING BATTLEFIELD: PLANNING FOR THE RECOVERS IN THE EU Presentation given in an URBACT meeting, 17 November 2020.


Manuel Aalbers and Iván Tosics: From the financialization of the city to planning for efficient housing. Hosted by Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa 30 October 2019

The 15th Lecture Series took place at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon, Portugal and featured two talks by Manuel Aalbers and Iván Tosics.

In the first talk, Manuel Aalbers argued that a new form of urban development is emerging in which processes of financialization play a key role, and focus on the implications for the emerging, global housing crises. In the second talk, Iván Tosics reflected on how planning can contribute to efficient and inclusive housing, and the role of the various actors at stake.

Recording at the EWRC’2018 in Brussels on 4. October 2018 after “Remaking the City: discover our new digital tool!” presentation Live demonstration of a website helping the public sector discover innovative practices to find new ways of using space in cities.


This presentation is a live recording from Ivan Tosics at Pakhuis De Zwijger in Amsterdam on May 26, 2016. In the lecture series Europe by People Ivan Tosics talks about the meaning and possibilities of urban development in the fringe. Nine European cities – Antwerp, Brno, Baia Mare, Barcelona M.A., Düsseldorf, Casoria, Solin, Oslo and Vienna – work together on the topic sub.urban. Reinventing the fringe.

Find out more on sub.urban. Reinventing the fringe: http://urbact.eu/sub.urban

We recorded your talk at the AESOP 2015. You can see your presentation here 25 years after: The Development Path of the “East” of Europe

Urban regeneration after the crisis: to what extent can innovation replace public money? Presentation at the conference: Innovation, creativity and culture: outline of a new socio-economic post-crisis model for cities and regions. December 10-11, 2015. Barcelona. Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Barcelona. Organization: University of Barcelona (Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway), University of Valencia (Pau Rausell) and University of Lleida (Joan Ganau)


Recording of conference presentation in the 2013 European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) conference, held in Tarragona http://youtu.be/YGuXp_LF6Ms


The German Presidency conference ‘Europe’s Cities Fit For Future’

01 December 2020


An Interesting Battlefield : Planning for the Recovery

19 November 2020

An Interesting Battlefield : Planning for the Recovery

Metropolitan areas under the pandemic.

17 September 2020


Urban poverty and the pandemic

14 May 2020


The housing paradox: more financing – less affordability ?

09 April 2019



New urban planning – long-lasting innovation or just a temporary illusion…?

5 November 2018

New urban planning: long-lasting innovation or just a temporary illusion? [PART 1]

New urban planning: long-lasting innovation or just a temporary illusion? [PART 2]

The dilemma of fighting urban poverty: invest into poor people or into poor places?

4 September 2018


Second Chance Thematic Paper No 3: Involving Urban Actors in the Reactivation of Vacant Buildings. Iván Tosics: Lessons To Be Learnt From The Economic Crisis

29 July 2018


Creating temporary space for experimentation about future activities

27 March 2018


Housing For All – Experiences of URBACT cities on affordable housing

21 November 2017


From non integrated to integrated urban development: an illustrated story

10 March 2017


Densification beyond the city centre: urban transformation against sprawl

19 January 2017


Squatting for cultural use toward commons: The case of Rog factory in Ljubljana

29 November 2016


What lessons to learn from the US elections?

November 2016

What lessons to learn from the US Presidential elections?

#Basque2016, What was it about ?

27 May 2016

#Basque2016, What was it about ?

How to wake up the sleeping giants? About the URBACT Second Chance network

  1. March 2016


Dense suburban New Towns – solution for high-growth urban areas?

December 2015

Dense suburban New Towns – solution for high-growth urban areas?

Less money, more innovation: regeneration of deprived residential areas since the crisis

October 2015


Governing Large Cities After The Financial Crisis

September 2015

Governing Large Cities after the Financial Crisis

Too much to lose

August 2015

Attacks on Freedom of Movement: Too much to Lose!

Participation or inclusion? Participatory planning in urban areas: new dilemmas

July 2015


Innovative local solutions to handle environmental degradation and under-used assets

June 2015


Functional territories for better integrated governance: Towards spatially coordinated development in metropolitan and urban-rural area

May 2015


Newly developed areas in European cities: eco-sensitive – smart – inclusive…?

April 2015


Re-Block: BLOG

April 2015

Re-Block: Lessons on Improving Quality of Life in European Block Real Estates

Budapest: A Stakeholder’s Dilemma about Flood Protection Planning

June 2013

Budapest: A Stakeholder’s Dilemma about Flood Protection Planning


Tosics, I, 2020: A közösségi közlekedés szerepe a funkcionális városi térségek fenntartható fejlődésében.

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Tosics, I, 2020: Koronavírus után az élet: szokjunk vissza a szomszédolásra, mert az ellenállóbbá tesz


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VIDEÓ: FUGA Mikrokozmosz 88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH3vDqBbnv4 2020-08-20

PODCAST: Civil rádió https://anchor.fm/117-perc/episodes/REZILIENS-VROSOK—a-rendszer-azon-kpessge–hogy-kpes-elnyelni-a-zavarokat–megrizve-az-alapvet-funkcikat-s-struktrkat-eflk8f   2020. június 17.

VIDEÓ: http://polhist.hu/programok2/a-70-eves-nagy-budapest-aktualitasa/ 2020. február 26.

VIDEÓ: http://www.atv.hu/videok/video-20150121-berlakasok-magankezben

PODCAST: Utcarádió https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwBTjzpVqZlFwngFvRwXnVBfnWQ

Civil rádió 2019-01-22 https://kronika.civilradio.hu/uj-esely/


2020-05-09: Városok a vírus ellen. Népszava, Visszhang, 6.oldal https://nepszava.hu/3077418_varosok-a-virus-ellen       https://mri.hu/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Bp-Nepszavacikkek-FOLYTAT%C3%81S-VIRUS-%C3%89S-V%C3%81ROSOK-IVAN-20200509_small.pdf

2020-02-10 Újratervezés a Római parton https://nepszava.hu/3066533_ujratervezes-a-romai-parton

2019-09-25 Brenner János – Tosics Iván: Budapest állami fogságban  https://nepszava.hu/3051199_budapest-allami-fogsagban

2019-07-24 Térségi kooperáció a kulcs https://nepszava.hu/3044274_tersegi-kooperacio-a-kulcs

Publikációk a Budapest folyóiratban

  1. január 11-14. o: Kerékpár: az ébredező mostohagyerek
  2. május 8-10. o: A Bulinegyed meg a sikeres minták
  3. március 2-4. o: Helyben változtatnák meg a világot
  4. november 9-11.o: Le kell szállni a magas lóról!
  5. szeptember, 18-20. o: Interaktív megoldások: a közterületek esete
  6. július, 42-43. o: Innovatív megoldások környezeti problémák kezelésére – a városi barnamezős területek esete
  7. június 4-6.o: Rehabilitáció krízis idején
  8. május 19-22.o: Integrált megújulás közösen
  9. május, 10-12: Tempelhof esete Berlinnel